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24th Annual RAPID Technical Conference and Exhibit

Imagine a World where a virtual inventory system is used to locate, buy and sell engineered spare parts - and it's at Your finger tips.
That World is here, and it's called RAPID.

RAPID's virtual inventory system is the fastest method for proactively searching, purchasing and selling power plant components.  It can help avoid outages and power de-rates caused by out-of-stock parts by locating parts immediately - 24/7.  What's more, quickly find equivalents for obsolete parts, automate many of your procurement processes and utilities can reduce their inventory investment.

Now with the RAPID EZ-Buy option, you can automatically perform pre-procurement checks to identify multiple potential sources for speedy fulfillment of purchase requisition/work order material requirements.  EZ-Buy also automates purchases between members and suppliers with existing contracts, and automatically calculates pricing using previously negotiated prices and discount formulas.

The Value of RAPID to Suppliers:

Streamline your sales and inventory process.  Our Gateway software can automatically upload and then update your company's inventory or catalog records system into RAPID.  Potential customers can view, search, request quotes and purchase your parts, while existing customers enjoy real-time service and product information as well.  Plus, hotlinks with every listing make it easy for RAPID Users to visit your website.

You can easily display your product catalogs and services on rapidpartsmart.com, while your sales are readily increased by reaching prospective buyers at their exact time of need.

RAPID creates a powerful new World for procurement, and it's now at your fingertips...

To learn more about RAPID and how it can help your organization, please contact:
David Palmer
Manager, Supply Chain Solutions

29399 US Highway 19 North, Suite 320 Clearwater, FL 33761
T: 269.876.0400

If you experience any difficulty logging in to RAPID, please e-mail at customers@rapidpartsmart.com

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